Dark Style Fair Open!!!



Originally posted on Flickr HERE

Hey all, here is my little outfit I slapped together with my stuff from Darkstyle Fair (STARTS TODAY!)

Body – Maitreya (available @ Maitreya Mainstore)
Head – Genesis Labs, Lilith (I know you can’t see it much)
Skin – Genesis Labs, Milk
Hair – Moon, Storm (I used the lovely deep red out of the B&W Pack, and the Lola version of the hair to work with the feather shoulder piece)
Mask – Contraption, Compass Hacker (you can change the colors of the glass in em, among other stuff)
Feather Shoulder Piece – Aisling, Velasco (comes in a hud, with ALL the colors, well worth the price!!!!)
Dress – Lady Luck, Fetish Dress, Black (Oh my gosh, go get this, it’s super sexy, and laced up the back)
Shoes – Epic, Bow Stomp Boots, Vortex

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