New Lilith Head from Genesis Lab



Originally posted on Flickr HERE


So, today I saw this photo of this amazingly gorgeous mesh head from Genesis Lab here on flickr. It’s going to be out tomorrow at the Dark Style Fair. It has SO many options, that you will absolutely adore it. The nose is quite possibly the most adorable little thing, and the eyes are absolutely fantastic.

When you first open the package with your head, you are going to notice a TON of items. I do suggest that you give that notecard a look through, because there is a VERY specific way you have to add the stuff to your head, and she dtails it in the notecard. Also, the best part, right there at the Dark Style fair, she’s got out 8, yes 8 makeup packs!!! AWESOMENESS!

For the base skins, Genesis offers 4 tones, and an appliers kit (if you are like me, you will want to make some eye makeups for it, to full customize!)

The creator of this head, is an absolute doll, and answered ALL the questions that I had.

I will be doing a more in depth description and such tomorrow, with going through some options, but if you have questions before then, don’t hesitate to contact me in sl!!!


Head – Genesis Lab Lilith 2.0 (Latte Tone, Red Lipstick, Black Brows, Freckle Layer 2)
Eye Makeup – Sold seperately in the Queen of Burlesque pack, I chose Silver for this photo, but the other colors are just as gorgeous!
Body – Maitreya
Hair – Truth Minerva

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