Make it Happen…..

Make it Happen

also seen on Flickr HERE

So, Fetch is back on the grid, and Gretchen has some brand new goodies for you all.

The necklace (which my hair is hiding, but the hair was so fetch, I couldn’t resist it!), is going to be a grand re-opening gift. It comes with a HUD to make it a variety of colors and metals. It’s perfect for rounding out your mean girls inspired look.

The signs behind me, are two new items by Fetch as well, I was originally going to title this “Do you want confusion? Because that’s how you get confusion” but then nixed it because it was too long.

Ok, on to the real credits:

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Logo, Alex
Skin – Pink Fuel, Kiyomi in Crystal (available now @ we ❤ RP)
Eyes – Buzz, Serenity Eyes in Angel
Hair – Oleander, Billie
Necklace – [Fetch] – Fetch Necklace – reopening gift! (
Dress – Ison, Skater Dress (available now @c88

Decor –
[Fetch] Grungy Exit Arrow
[Fetch] Pointing Exit Sign

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