Ok, Goodmorning.

Ok Goodmorning.


I woke up about 2 hours earlier than I usually do today, logged into sl to SURPRISES!

Guess what is coming up…… go ahead, guess.


This is great news for all the kinksters and fashionistas who are looking to update their wardrobes a bit!

Ok, I’ll shut up now, onto the credits:

Body – Maitreya
Hands – Slink Casual
Head – Catwa, Jessica
Skin – Pink Fuel, Kiyomi in Crystal (it’s omega, so it works on catwa heads)
Hair – Clawtooth, Spirits (available @ c88 on January 8th)
Bra/Top – Part of the Luxuria January Romp Set, Justine
Skirt – Storybook, Cake (available @ The Seasons Story SOON!)
Boots – Essenz, Montana Boots (available @ The Seasons Story SOON!)

Infinity – Chill 7 (available @ The Seasons Story SOON!)

In the background-
[Fetch] Imane Table
[Fetch] Imane Mirrors (solo)
[Fetch] Imane Mirrors (trip)
[Fetch] Imane World Map
A.D.D.Andel! Large Snowflake Decor-Black (available @ The Seasons Story SOON!)
Poche – Apple cookie Basket (available @ The Seasons Story SOON!)

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