Caught Dancing…

Caught Dancing...


Anyone ever been caught dancing in their underpants before? Y’know, just getting dressed and ready for the day, dancing around, doing your thing…..


On Me:
Body/Feet – Belleza (YES! I finally took the plunge after I learned that the body disappearing thing was just because of where it was attached, so just take and attach that to avatar center, and voila, no more detaching body!)
Hands – Slink, Elegant 1
Ears – Swallow, Shiny Ears (Available NOW @ Shiny Shabby)
Skin – Pink Fuel, Mori
Hair – Magika, Fool for Love
Lingerie – Foxes, Brassiere and Panties

NOMAD // Scattered Stars
[Fetch] Shore Set – Little Radio
[Fetch] Shore Set – Beer Bottles
tarte. enchanted slumber – Adult (Luxe Box Exclusive)
[Fetch] Vix  Ottoman
[Fetch] Ary Bedroom – Rug

Scarlet Creative Carnaval (Luxe Box Exclusive)

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