Cat Burgular



Sneakin’ through your house, stealing your food.

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Hands – Slink Elegant 1
Feet – Slink Deluxe
Mesh Head – Catwa, Destiny
Skin – Deetalez, Fable
Eyes – Whatever, Limited Eyes
Freckles – Bossie, Freckles & Beauty Marks (Available Now @ The Season’s Story)
Eyebrows – Bossie, Autumn Eyebrows (Available Now @ The Season’s Story)
Hair – Pink Hustler, 8157 (Available Now @ The Season’s Story)
Top – Azuchi, Heidi Shirt Black White (Available Now @ Epiphany)
Cincher – Azuchi, Heidi Cincher Black Rare (Available Now @ Epiphany)
Pants – Azuchi, Heidi Pants Black Washed (Available Now @ Epiphany)
Shoes – Riske, Lola Heels
Bazar Traveler-Roman amphora
Bazar Traveler-Rug1
[ARIA] Blair vases pair
Bazar Traveler-Wood sculpture
[ARIA] Blair glass console table
[ARIA] Blair pouf
[ARIA] Blair decorative 3D and
AF Vintage Portable Camera

dubu. – Loft///Skybox

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