Apple with Bento


So, Bento is out. (I use the Firestorm version, which is only available currently through their in world group)

This is epic for those of you who were holding off on using mesh heads because you couldn’t adjust them.

This is the first Bento head from Catwa, it’s called Catya. It costs $5000L which isn’t cheap, but what it lacks in affordability, it more than makes up for in options.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to slap on your old shape and have it work, you will need to use the one that comes with the head as a base point, and adjust from there.

I suggest you try tweaking the shape around for Catwa skins you already own on the Demo, to see if it’s right for you.

Head – Catwa, Catya (Bento)
Skin – Skinnery, Maddie
Freckles – Bossie, Freckles & Beauty Marks
Eyebrows – Bossie, Autumn Eyebrows
Hair – Truth, River
Eyes – Whatever, Limited Eyes

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