If you are a fan of having art in your homes, but you find it hard to match a bunch of frames, then I think that KraftWork has the solution for your.

Theire newest item “Suspended Art” allows you to either use the preloaded textures, or you can select face and replace panels with your own art.

The best part, as it’s rezzed in that photo, it’s only 3 land impact!
KraftWork Suspended Art
floorplan. lounge bed / grey A
:CP: Modern Industrial Planter
Bazar Traveler-Luggage stool
Bazar Traveler-Bag 1
Bazar Traveler-Bag 2
Bazar Traveler-Rope frame 2
Bazar Traveler-Rope frame 1
Bazar Traveler-Night stand(naughty)
Bazar Traveler-Lamp
Bazar Traveler-Books stack
Bazar Traveler-Rug1

hive // daisy’s cottage RARE

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