Fries Before Guys



On Me:
Hair – Mina, Lara Hair (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Top – Ec Cloth, 80’s Souffle in Mint (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Skirt/Fishnets – Miss Chelsea, Lisa Skirt in Blue Acid Wash (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Fanny Pack – Cosmic Dust, Trendy Fannypack in Pink Kiss (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Bracelets – Fetch, T.G.I.F. Bracelet in Neons (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Shoes – Flite, Retro Gliders

On Zie:
Hair – Olive, Berry Hair (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Dress – Pretty Mess, Cold Shoulder in Unicorn Ombre (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Boombox – Cosmic Dust, Retro Boombox in Purple (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Earrings – Fetch, T.G.I.F. Earrings in Orange/Purple (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Fannypack – Cosmic Dust, Trendy Fannypack in Wild Cheetah  (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Gloves – LaBaguette, Fishnet Bento Gloves  (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Shoes –  Fetch, T.G.I.F.Shoes in Pink/Yellow (Available Soon @ Rewind)

NOMAD // Retro Arcade  (Available Soon @ Rewind)
.peaches. Retro Signs – Fries Before Guys (Available Soon @ Rewind)
.peaches. Retro Signs – SKATE (Available Soon @ Rewind)
Ama. : Rad Skateboard!  (Available Soon @ Rewind)
[Cosmic Dust] – Retro Boombox Pink  (Available Soon @ Rewind)
.04 [ kunst ] – Dancefloor
Mesh Cardboard Box (wet)

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