LAQ Gaia (Review)


If you haven’t heard the news, LAQ has released their much anticipated Bento head!

It took me a while to figure out how to word this “Review” for a blog post but I think I’m able to explain my loves and not so loves of this head.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE that this head sticks with that typical LAQ vibe. Out of the box I was absolutely DIGGING the way that it reacted to the shape sliders in SL and all the various looks you could give the head.

However, the head does have some downfalls which I hate listing, but I just need to be honest regarding my feelings on it. Out of the box the animations that they offer are not nice. There are not very many static animations that don’t warp the head terribly. If you are like me and you appreciate a lip part animation, you unfortunately will not get that with this LAQ head. However the animations they do offer are interesting at best.


I spent the better part of the first few days with this head going through my inventory and seeing what skins that I had will work with it. If you were a past owner of Logo heads then you will know that they are Omega skins and you definitely CAN apply them to your brand new LAQ head. Keep in mind though that with any skin using on heads that it was not made for, you will experience texture stretching issues. However if you are willing to compromise, I’m sure you’ll find some nice fun skins you already have in your inventory to use. (Oh and all past LAQ skins will work with this head! Including this amazing YS&YS Skin that I was very pleased looked fantastic on the head!)


Yes! All of those old Omega makeups you have in your inventory will work with your new LAQ head. But keep in mind that just like skins, there may be some mapping issues, so user beware!

*Final thoughts*

I really hope that LAQ keeps tweaking and adding to this head, because it’s a great start from a long loved company in SL. I really would mostly like some static animations for simple things like lip parting and eye close/open/slitted.

I also really hope that creators start developing for this head, it’s a really nice one and a great option on the market for those seeking bento.

Please note that if you are in need of contacting their customer service, you may not get a reply at all. I tried contacting them several times before the release to inquire if they were going to offer a discount for past owners of their heads, with no response.

In addition, I attempted contacting them directly as well as their CSR when a script broke and also received no response.

So that being said, if something breaks on your head, I would suggest going and just grabbing a redelivery and unpacking from fresh. As you are unlikely to receive a response from their customer service or them directly.


Mesh Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LAQ , Gaia
Skin – YS&YS, Roby for LAQ in tone 00
Hair – Truth, Lake
Necklace – Junbug, Nefertiti
Top – Ison, Asturias

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