So Logo has done it again. They’ve released a re-vamp in bento of their Alexis Head. Yes, there’s a 1500L discount for past Alex owners, just read the discount information CAREFULLY. The head will be available at Mesh Body Addicts when it opens.

The head out of the box wit hthe provided shape is absolutely unghhhhhhh good.

It does take some time to find skins that look good on it. I am lucky enough to be a blogger for YS&YS who made this gorgeous skin for Logo and I’m impressed as hell with it on the new head.

Body – Maitreya
Eyes – Song, Nash
Mesh Head – Logo, Alexis (Available Soon @ Mesh Body Addicts)
Skin – YS&YS, Grazia in Tone 02 (Available Soon @ Mesh Body Addicts)
Eyeliner – Essences, Glittery Eyeliner (Available in Powder Pack March Only)
Lipstick – Pink Fuel, Fresh Tint for Logo/Omega
Freckles – Izzie’s, Mesh Freckles
Hair – Truth, Taryn
Top – Blueberry, Gift Lace Top

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