Folks, if you haven’t heard, Caboodle is SLAYING it lately. This set that they put out at Arcade this round is no exception. I went more innocence and cute with the colors, but you can go darker, or even other random colors too! It’s super customization options.

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Catwa, Pink
Hair – Stealthic
Headband – Caboodle, Lustful Headband RARE (Available Now @ The Arcade)
Collar – Caboodle, Lustful Collar in White (Available Now @ The Arcade)
Top – Caboodle, Lustful Top RARE (Available Now @ The Arcade)
Panties/ Garter – Caboodle, Lustful Bottom RARE (Available Now @ The Arcade)
Socks – Caboodle, Lustful Socks RARE (Available Now @ The Arcade)

Photo taken @ Mirage

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