Euphoric for Sense Event

Euphoric is one of my favorite cosmetics brands in Second Life, and they brought out all the heavy hitters for this round of Sense event. I’ve highlighted my favorites here.

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Catwa, Uma
Skin – Pink Fuel, Adeline in Peach
Eyes – Euphoric, Joyce Eyes Series (Available Now @ Sense Event)
Eyeliner – Euphoric, Joyce Eyeliner Series (Available Now @ Sense Event)
Eyelashes – Euphoric, Joyce Eyelashes Series (Available Now @ Sense Event)
Lipstick – Euphoric, Joyce Lipstick Series (Available Now @ Sense Event)
Mole above Lip – Euphoric, Joyce Blush and Moles Series (Available Now @ Sense Event)
Nose Ring – Amala, Heart Stud
Dress – United Colors, Angel Wedding Dress (Available Now @ Sense Event)


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