Sking for Skin Fair 2018


Sking is a brand that a lot of people feel quite strongly about. Personally, I adore seeing what people do with these Avatars. The creator was nice enough to send this body out to the bloggers and I’m forever grateful.

The body does take a lot of tweaking with sliders, but once you get used to them it’s AMAZING to play with. I enjoy that all of the skins come with nipple-less versions as well.

I am in love with the muscular body on this skin. The attention to detail and tone, I’m in adoration of the amount of work this must have taken.

Body – Sking Brazilia Doll, Katena
Head – Catwa, Uma
Hair – Boon Lab, 050 Hair
Lipstick – Pink Fuel, Jacqueline Set
Skin – Sking, Ussula Cocoa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Bodysuit – Cubura, Skingsuit

Photo Taken @ The Bay

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