pet cheetah

“I’ma get mine and get going
I’m showing my faces in just enough places
I’m done with tip-toeing, I’ll stay in my room
My house is the one where the vultures are perched on the roof
Get behind me, I bet this nepotistic mindset
Will help us get ours as we’re growing”


On Her:
Body – Belleza, Freya
Head – Genus Project
Hair – Stealthic, Paradox
Eye – Conviction, Downer Essentials RARE
Eyepatch – Conviction, Miscreant Cruxcifer Patch RARE (Available Now @ Epiphany)
Eye Blood – Conviction, Miscreant Missing Eye Makeup RARE (Available Now @ Epiphany)
Horns – Teabunny, Baal Horns in Dark
Septum – CX, Diamond Drop
Nose Ring – Amala, Heart Stud
Bloody Mouth – Anxiety, Hopeful Undertone
Teeth – Genus, Blood Descent Vampire Jaws (Available Now @ The Arcade)
Dress – Ison, Safiya Dress (Available Now @ C88)
Rings – Yummy, Ouija Ring Set (Available Now @ C88)

MINIMAL – Insomnia Corridor RARE

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