Logo Jolie Head/Skin for Skin Fair 2019

Meet Jolie. A brand new skin and mesh head combination from the long known and trusted brand, Logo. Jolie is a Bento Mesh Head that features 5 skintones in the Base HUD. In addition to the 5 Skintones, there are 3 body shading options each body shading option offering 3 breast shading options.

Jolie Full Tone Range:

There are three photos that I’ve done for this range which I’ve labeled clearly regarding what tones/styles they are.

Soft Stomach/Breast 1:

Firm Stomach/Breast 2:

Muscular Stomach/Breast 3:

In addition to the 5 face skin tones, Logo offers their amazingly extensive cosmetics library and now they also offer Enhanced layers!

What does that mean for you?


Shape – Logo, Jolie
Body – Belleza, Freya
Mesh Head – Logo, Jolie
Hair – Stealthic, Intrepid
Dress – Candy Doll, Lara

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