Legacy – A Review


Fair warning, this isn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows. If you are going to catch feelings because I’m bashing your newest favorite body, then please exit. Remember these are MY opinions. This does not represent the views or opinions of the brands I’m wearing nor anyone other than ME.

-Amazing Shape
-Ability to be Curvy or Slim
-The preloaded skins are gorgeous and cover a wide range
-I like the nail options offered
-I love that they let me keep my old clothes from stylemode
-I like that a lot of creators immediately jumped on offerings for this body.
-They offer Baked on Mesh (But they also don’t make it clear how that will work with clothing layers/skins/tattoos)
-From what I’ve heard, they offer a pretty great creator kit. Congrats!
-Slow as hell HUDS
-HUD is very clunky and hard to figure out. Their “help guide” is kinda a joke. It’s like several run on sentences.
-Appliers for this body WILL lag out and need to be taken off and reattached if you apply quite a few things rapidy
-You have no indication as to what applies to what layer. I had to reset my body just to remove a neck tattoo, because none of their “Layer” buttons worked
-Inability to REMOVE items from Styles section (Seriously, I just wanna clean up my library)
-No option to blend/mask layers
-They do not offer Omega (Seriously TMP, get with the times)
-The description and instructions for the “deformers” is a gosh dang mess and unclear.

Overall, this is a great body. I like that you can get a super curvy shape without having mega melon titties. That’s something a lot of curvier body creators miss the mark on.

I have a lot more that I’d like to say, but I think I’m going to leave it as this for now.

If you see parts of my review and are going to say “Oh but they said they were going to add that!”, stop. Seriously. Anyone can say they are going to add things, I’ll believe it on the follow through. Which, given their dodgy past history, I have my doubts regarding consistency.

Mesh Body – Legacy
Mesh Head – Genus, Baby Face
Head Skin – Pink Fuel, Delina in Biscuit
Body Skin – Pink Fuel, Biscuit in Regular (These are coming soon, be patient!)
Eyeshadow – Pink Fuel, Retrowave
Lipstick – Pink Fuel, Silky Shine in Pinky Nudes
Hair – Stealthic, Desire

Pose by Gingerfish from the Voltage set.

PS, Shoutout to the amazing Mochi Milena for going the extra mile with her appliers and making sure they are mapped and modified properly for the body and not just dropping your UUID’s into an applier HUD. Your work is amazing and your attention to detail is why I and many others support you and adore you. Thank you. (you are also an amazing friend and I appreciate the heck out of you.)

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