Slink, Becky


Mesh Head – Slink, Becky
Hair – Truth, Elixir
Skin/Freckles – Mynerva, Sonia
Brows – Soiree, Sloan Brows in Light Red
Eyes – Buzz, Serenity
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro, L’Automne #1
Lipstick – Alaskametro, L’Automne #5

Slink just launched their new line of heads and some “Re-dos” of their older heads like this one called Becky which I actually had purchased back when it was first released. With the release of the new head line she did it in her typical Redux method line where it’s updated to BOM and is now Bento!

I was so incredibly excited to see how these new heads would work for me because I had such fond memories of the original Becky head.

However, I first ran into issues with simply the unpacking of the heads. Nine folders will be sent to you. Most of them you will not need. Why this cannot be in one single folder, I have no idea and the CSR for Slink didn’t have much feedback on it either other than to just delete them.

Now on to the actual head review.

First I had to slough through 10 years of inventory to locate older classic skins to find one that would work as a good base point. I managed to find a few that would work, however this skin from Mynerva was the best option. Then I moved on to attempting to locate some makeup that would work and I remembered, Alaskametro just did brand spanking new makeup for their L’Automne collection. I excitedly put them on to realize there is a major issue.

As you can see from the inset photos on the main image, there’s some texture quality issues. There’s an odd issue where the eyelashes are barely lined up to the actual eye as well as the lips looks such a low resolution that I’m intrigued if this is an Alaskametro issue or a Slink issue.

Now a major con to this head. In an effort to shove people to BOM, they ignored the biggest thing they could have done to make this head more marketable. The fact that you cannot use anything omega with it other than materials. Seriously? I have so many really nice Omega Skins and Omega Makeups I think would upgrade this head to the next level, but Slink unfortunately in her rush to get something out and shove people to BOM missed the mark majorly by leaving that out. You cannot even use past Visage appliers with this new head, which is a major disappointment and oversight on Slink’s part.

Now, I understand in the rush to update to BOM that some things might have been overlooked, I cannot however support this type of rushing. Because that’s honestly what this head feels like to me. A rushed creation to hop on the BOM train.

I will update on my blog if there are any new updates that make this head a little bit more bearable. I will also try the rest of the line that I was VERY graciously given by their CSR to see if I can create some neat looks.

These are MY opinions on an item that I did in fact purchase for myself originally which just had an update. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review.

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