Tonic Fine

Tonic is an interesting body for sure. They offer two versions of their body: Fine and Curvy. I’m showing off the Fine body here.

I was genuinely delighted to find out that you don’t have to go slim and skinny. You can “curve” it up and adjust it fully to suit you. I personally like the curvier hips and legs with a smaller chest. Which this body easily allows you to do.

The HUD system is simple and straight forward and easy to use. I’ve chosen to use BOM with this body which is easy to find and enable with the click of a button in the HUD.

The only thing that I struggled with on this body and HUD was the layers control. However I think that it might just be user error/lack of full knowledge.

Something to note with this body, not many “mainstream” creators create for the Fine version, however I’ve found a lot that do create for the Curvy version.

Skin by Insol
Body Enhancements by Izzie’s
Hair by Magika, Sage
Top by Pawesome, Spike Suit & Top
Jeans by Pawesome, Ripped Jeans

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