Mirana – NEW

Mirana is a body you likely haven’t heard of before, as they are currently in the very early beta stages.

This body is almost a cross between Legacy and Freya with how it’s shaped and honestly, I’m 110% living for this.

Upon launch the body will be BOM enabled as well as Omega enabled.

The HUD so far is honestly VERY intuitive which is pretty much putting it leaps and bounds ahead of other non mainstream bodies currently on the market.

I’m genuinely excited to see the development of this body as it’s going to be such a uniquely amazing shape as you can achieve many different types with this.

I’ve photographed the body here with one of the skins from inside the HUD and then used the neck blend they offer with the tinting option and I think I got it pretty gosh darn close to my Skinnery Toffee skin tone used on the head.

The Mirana body can be purchased here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinuiju/122/157/766

Make sure you DEMO before you purchase.

FACE Skin – Skinnery, Maya
BODY Skin – Mirana HUD
Hair – Stealthic, Cascade
Necklace – Reign, Tattoo Choker

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