little things.

Hot box in the car, getting dumb high
We be laughin’ in slow-mo-mo
All she really wants is fries and a mud pie
But the supermarket is closed, closed, closed
It’s old jokes, good times, when you come by
Something special, I know, know, know
One half of the time, it’s a gun fight
The other half, we’re takin’ off clothes, clothes, clothes

And there will come a time when we’re slowin’ down
We’ll hold onto memories, memories
‘Til then, let’s wreck shit and hold it down
I love when you’re tellin’ me, tellin’ me

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LeLutka, River
Skin – Heaux, Jane (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Eyes – Heaux, Blaze
Eyebrows – Skinnery, Synergy
Hair – Doux, Rain
Necklaces – Kibitz, Jodi’s (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Top – Nanika, Helen (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Shorts – Nanika, Helen (Available Now @ n21 Event)

Bazar – Traveler-Butterfly frame
Fancy Decor – Luxe Console
Random Matter – Pretty Girl Nail Polish
Random Matter – Pretty Girl Makeup Bag

i met a guy with a loaded gun.

I met a guy with a loaded gun
Hands up I got shaken right again
Trigger finger you are fucked

You go off in every direction

Do let conscience divide us
Get ready and, and fire
We face our feelings, high race babe

Head to head
Neck and neck


On Me:
Body – Maitreya w/ Petite Mod
Mesh Head – LeLutka, River
Hair – Doux, Alaska
Shirt – Pawesome!, Boyfriend Shirt
Panties – Wretch, Panties Love

Wrong, Studio in Black
The Loft, Hudson Vase in Brass

canals // LeLutka River Review

I still wanna love
Love with my whole heart
Even though the world
Is slowly tearing me apart


Body – Maitreya w/ Petite Mod
Mesh Head – LeLutka, River
Hair – Stealthic, Brink
Skin – Pepe, Gemini (thank you for doing one that’s my zodiac!!)
Eyes – Heaux, Blaze
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro, Jade
Brows – Skinnery, Synergy Brows
Earrings – Tetra, Diamond Stud
Necklace – Kibitz, Brenda’s Choker
Bra – NX-Nardcotix, Matilda Bra


I am going to admit. I had some reservations at first about this head. Mostly I was curious how LeLutka was going to go about doing a more gender fluid head. However this head from the get-go has been a delight out of the box. I would HIGHLY suggest you start with their default shape, else you will suffer the bugged out eyeballs as I did. However swapping to the default shape and punching in my body numbers was no huge deal. The only things that I really have to note for this is the using the default shape and please make sure if you have specific makeups that you lean towards you try the demo first to make sure that they work well on the head. As this head IS a bit different mapping compared to most of the previous LeLutka heads (EVO included in this statement). Unfortunately unless creators are going to be creating more andro or gender fluid skins, this head will likely work best with female skins. Unless you have some modifiers that help you to achieve that.

Something else to note. LeLutka took the opportunity to not only create a whole new head style. But they updated the HUD. I gotta say my favorite features are the new eye movement/lock options. THANK YOU FOR THOSE DOTS. Another fun thing that the hud now offers is the ability to shrink your eye texture. Unless this was something I managed to miss with my other Evo head Nova, I think this is a brand new feature and it’s an immensely welcome one. You can also now take advantage of the offset feature for your eyes as well. Oh!! And now you can choose a variety of teeth right from the HUD. I cannot WAIT to see what people create as appliers for these teeth. You can now also adjust your lash length, which is something that is DEFINITELY needed for a head that is andro/gender fluid.


If you have any questions about the head or would like some help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me in world. I’m always willing to help folks!

beverly blues.

She showed me her skin, asked me what I believe in
I said it couldn’t be love ’cause it’s too sincere
And it couldn’t be life because death’s so near
So could it be God? Waiting for God, we don’t like him here
So I got nothing to gain, nothing to lose
Nothing to hide but I’ve got something to prove

On Me:
Body – Maitreya w/ Petite Mod
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Nova
Hair – Stealthic, Fixated
Arms – Neverwish, Cyber Arm 001
Outfit – Le Fil Casse, Xeria Bodysuit

Neverwish, Saturn (Vibe)

fuck everybody.

Step into the ring and witness a savagery sting

The motherfucking king is claiming the throne once again

So fuck everyone and fuck everybody

Body – Maitreya w/ Petite Mod
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Evo
Hair – Stealthic, Purity
Top – Asteroidbox, Addie
Pants – Asteroidbox, Nemesis

Backdrop by Rama
Pose by Foxcity