“You got me lifted, feeling so gifted”


[CX] Memories Vendor (Available Soon @ Pose Fair)

On Her:
Body, Hands, Feet – Maitreya
Skin – Pink Fuel, Sabine in Vanilla
Hair – Truth, Gaea

On Him:
Body, Hands, Feet – The Mesh Project
Hair – Dura, B76

Kalopsia – Blue Buttoned Pillow
Bazar Traveler-Single bed
-David Heather-His Closet/Mud RARE (available now @ Epiphany




“In the name of love, I’ll follow you
You fit me like a glove when I’m inside of you
And if nobody’s there, it’s cold, I’ll die for you
In the name of love, I’ll kill for

I’ll kill for you”

On Her:
Body, Hands, Feet – Maitreya
Skin – Pink Fuel, Sabine in Vanilla
Hair – Truth, Gaea

On Him:
Body, Hands, Feet – The Mesh Project
Hair – Dura, B76

oOo Studio, Breathless

Photo taken @ The Bay:



On Her:
Body, Hands – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Catwa, Kathy
Skin – Pink Fuel, Sabine in Vamp
Hair – FLITExBESOM, Dangerous Woman Hair
Mask – FLITExBESOM, Dangerous Woman Cat Mask in Oil Slick (available now @ Epiphany)
Bodysuit – FLITExBESOM, Dangerous Woman Bodysuit in Oil Slick (available now @ Epiphany)
Boots – FLITExBESOM, Dangerous Woman Boots in Oil Slick (available now @ Epiphany)
Holster – FLITExBESOM, Dangerous Woman Holster in Oil Slick (available now @ Epiphany)

On Him:
Body – Slink Physique Male
Hands – Slink, Relaxed
Mesh Head – Catwa, Daniel
Hair – Dura, B&G Hair 65
Jacket – Gabriel, After Dark Coat
Strap – Gabriel, Body Strap in Black
Pants – L&B, Swear Salvage Moto Jeans




Drink my tears, i’m at your mercy
I love you most, but i’m not worthy
Musical inspiration:

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Head – Catwa, Catya
Hair – Truth, Honey
Eyes – Buzz, Serenity Eyes in Hazel
Skin – Skinnery, Sophia in Honey
Freckles – Bossie, Freckles and Beauty Marks
Face Highlighter – Okkbye, Highlighter (Powder Pack Exclusive)
Bra/Panties – Asteria,, Milena Bra/Panties
Dress – Asteria, Asymmetric Drape Dress

On Him:
Body – Slink Physique Male
Mesh Head – Catwa, Justin
Eyes – Ikon, Triumph Eyes
Hair – Exxess, Lesath
Suit – Deadwool, The Dandy in Blue

!bang – akin



This will be the last time I request Rick Astley from Luka. He’s made sure of that.

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Catwa, Helena
Skin – Pink Fuel, Liya (not available, coming soon)
Blood Splatter – Ama, Blood Splatter
Eyes – Whatever, Limited Eyes
Hair – Taketomi, Emiko, Dippu Dye
Septum Ring – CX, Diamond Septum
Collar – CX, Heretic’s Fork
Wrist Cuffs – CX, Heretic’s Restraints
Harness – Vinyl, Akeda Harness

Simple Rustic Chair – B (bloody)
[ContraptioN] Decor: Embalmer’s Tools
..::TH::.. Train Coffee Table
[ContraptioN] Decor: Embalming Stretcher
..::TH::.. Neptune Cabinet
..::TH::. Surgery Lamp
[ContraptioN] Decor: Broken Sink
..::TH::.. Scattered Sheets

Photo taken in the junk. hunt skybox. (for shadows)

Pick a Book

Pick a Book


On Me:

Body – Maitreya
Hands – Slink
Feet – Slink Deluxe
Skin – Pink Fuel, Harley
Hair – Magika, Surprise
Dress – Zenith, Marie Antoinette Hybride Corset
Underwear – Chocolate Atelier, Bianca in Blue Blue (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)

Pose –

{QP} – I Just Love Books!

Decor –

Construct – Mesh Book Stack
[ContraptioN] Wainwright’s Toys: Ridiculously Rotund Bird *???* (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)
Ariskea[Marielyn] Spring Daisy (Various) (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)
Ariskea[Marielyn] Rug
JIAN :: Bunny (Various) (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)
[ zerkalo ] Like a Bird – Food Tray Light (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)
Sari-Sari – Plant Bucket Trolley (Metal) (Available Soon @ Season’s Story)

hey girl

hey girl


Genesis Labs has made another gorgeous male head!

This is him, his name is Marco, and he’s drop dead handsome. He comes in a variety of tones, with a whole lot of really cool addons like Hair Bases, Tattoos, Facial Hair, etc.

Body – Slink Physique, Male
Hands – Slink, Relaxed
Mesh Head – Genesis Labs, Marco (available now @ Skin Fair)
Eyes – Whatever, Limited Eyes
Ears – Mandala, Steking Season 5
Hair – Drot, Ash
Pants – Gabriel, Bondage Strap Pants

Red Heels

Fuck Me Pumps


I get a lot of people that ask why I do bright red heels with a lot of my looks.

I feel like they are a little like an exclamation point. They are the perfect finishing touch to a look, adding that bold dash.

I’ll shut up now and move onto the credits:

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Stella
Skin – Deetalez. Ana-Lucia
Hair – Truth, Ryleigh
Jacket – David Heather, Vigo Trenchcoat (Limited Edition, available now @ Monsieur Chic) (I’m kinda sad I didn’t get the Red one, hopefully it’s not sold out by the time I go back)
Pants – ViVi, Stirrup Pants
Shoes – JD Cult

Photo taken at the gorgeous Amatorum sim

Look 104

Look 104


Something a little different!

Skin – Pink Fuel (Ashton Andro)

Hair – Truth (Tom)

Sunglasses – XIAJ (X Sunglasses)

Top – Shai (Men’s Dirty Plaid Shirt)

Pants – Villena (Chinos in Plum)

Shoes – Boom (Tired Sole Sandals)

Gloves – Flite (GQ Gloves)

Bracelet – FxR (GQ Link Bracelet)

Watch – FxR (GQ Watch)

Gun – FxR (GQ Pistol)

In the Background –

Roost, Arden Point Garage

Con. Garage Collection, Tool Chest

Con. Garage Collection, Air Inflator, Mint