….kiss the ring and kick rocks, sis


Coming soon to Lootbox is this AMAZING set by the ridiculously talented Amadeo Dubratt of Ama.

The will be all types of pieces to win. Crowns, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets.

Save your money now, you know you are going to need the full set.

From the set I’ve pictured the Crown, Drama Rings, Necklace

Hair – Stealthic, Persephone
Dress- Ison, Baroque




I wanted to love this dress. It’s such a cute concept and is truly one of the more unique items I’ve seen in SL for this style. But unfortunately there’s a host of issues with this item that makes me glad I did not have to purchase it.

The first issue I saw, was the rigging, where there are joints, there is a jagged edge if the joint is bent. In addition, the textures are pretty “cheap” looking and it looks like someone just did random recolors badly. I also noticed that there was an absolutely horrifying issue, alpha glitching. If you wear a hair or any type of object that will glitch with it, you will appear naked wherever the glitches are.

Hopefully Azul improves in the future, because the concept behind this is amazing. And they offer this in sizes for SO many bodies.

More information on Vintage Fair: <a href=”; rel=”noreferrer nofollow”></a>

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LAQ, Noelle (Available Now @ Vintage Fair)
Hair – Stealthic, Dawn
Skin – LAQ, Monroe (Available Now @ Vintage Fair)
Dress – Azul, Brenda