Colivati and Birth for Skin Fair 2018

Birth is a skin brand that I’m familiar with but I’ve not purchased much from. I believe I have a few of their gacha skins for my female avatar, but that’s about it. So when I saw that they were offering a male skin for Skin Fair, of COURSE I had to blog it.

Birth’s Blazer skin is for Catwa and it comes in 9 Skintones pictured in the Skintone Range photo. Each skintone comes with multiple brow and hairbase options. So you can fully customize it.

Colivati is a brand that I’m very familiar with as I’ve had the pleasure to blog them in Powder Pack. They’ve brought 3 skins to this year’s Skin Fair. I’m featuring Samira skin here. Samira comes in 9 Skintones and each skintone offers brow color options or browless options.

Female AV:
Body – Slink, Hourglass
Mesh Head – Catwa, Uma
Hair – Truth, Apple
Eyes – Suicidal Unborn, Isolabella Eyes (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Skin – Colivati Beauty, Samira in Tone 5 (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Dress – Blueberry, Foxy
Boots – Blueberry, Foxy

On Him:
Body – Belleza, Jake
Mesh Head – Catwa, Daniel
Hair – Stealthic, Rebellion
Eyes – Suicidal Unborn, Isolabella Eyes (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Skin – Birth, Blazer in Tone 2 (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Jacket – Ascend, Shawn Coat
Collar – Mossu, Puppy Choker
Undies – Mossu, Puppy Jockstraps

//Naberius// Midnight Alley

Logo, Alaskametro, Suicidal Unborn, Spicy for Skin Fair 2018

Logo is launching a brand new Bento head at Skin Fair 2018 this year and you are going to love it. It’s called Rose and it reacts to sliders so nicely.

I’ve chosen the lipstick from the Spicy skin for using with this photo because I loved the tone and how they complimented the skin.

Alaskametro is launching a brand new skin for a whole myriad of heads, it’s mapped so well it can work amazing with almost any head you can imagine. The brows are INCREDIBLY well detailed too.

I’ve also chosen to use the gorgeous new Isolabella Eyes from Suicidal Unborn to top off this look.

I’ve mish-mashed some great items here for this post and I’m just going to jump right into the credits.

Mesh Head – Logo, Rose (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Body – Slink, Hourglass
Hair – Truth, Farryn
Eyes – Suicidal Unborn, Isolabella Eyes (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Skin – Alaskametro, Kate in Tone 2 (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro, Drama Queen (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Lipstick – Spicy, Lucy Light (I used the lipstick from this skin HUD)
Top – Blueberry, Ace

Fiore for Skin Fair 2018

Fiore is bringing the absolute HEAT this around of Skin Fair with this skin called Jade. It comes in tones SPF 30 through SPF 55.

Also featured here is some of the AMAZING lineup from Suicidal Unborn. I’m wearing her Eyes, Brows, Eyeliner and Liptstick.

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Hair – Stealthic, Passion
Mesh Head – Catwa, Uma
Skin – Fiore, Jade in tone 35 (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Eyes – Suicidal Unborn, Isolabella Eyes (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Eyeliner – Suicidal Unborn, Monochrome Eyeshadow (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Brows – Suicidal Unborn, Essential Eyebrows (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Lipstick – Suicidal Unborn, Leandra Lipstick #1 (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Bra – VoluptasVirtualis, Rana

Song for Skin Fair 2018



Skintone Range:

Brow Options:

Lipgloss Options:


Song, where do I start with song. They make some amazing eyeballs and their skins are no exception to their strong run of quality items.

This skin is called Tomie and it comes in 7 skin tones, each hud offering 3 Lip Glosses and 4-5 Brow options.

In my photographs I’ve noted if I’ve used the Suicidal Unborn Eyeliner.

In the photograph of the Brow Options I’ve used what I thought was well corresponding Hair colors so you can get a feel for how the skin looks.

Song went above and beyond for this skin release and I would highly suggest grabbing this, as skins that are this well done are sure to sell out. (I’m aware stuff in SL can’t sell out, but let’s just pretend okay?!)

One of my favorite things about this skin, is that it’s totally doll like. But, if you wanted to age it up a bit you could definitely use the Izzie’s Age Yourself set that is also going to be at Skin Fair soon!

What I’m wearing:
Head – Catwa, Uma
Body – Maitreya
Hair – Stealthic, Paradox
Eyes – Conviction, Shion Blind Eyes
Bikini – Boom, Anse Lazio

Pose in Blog photo is by Gingerfish from their Coquette Set

League for Skin Fair 2018

Where do I begin with League?

League is one of those brands that it feels like has always been around SL and as such, they’ve been bringing quality items for years. Their newest release for Skin Fair 2018 is no exception. They have brought their entire range of 7 Skintones ranging from Fair to Dark with this release for LeLutka.

I have opted for a more glam sporty type look in my blog photo for this one and I used their Crush Lipsticks which are also exclusive for Skin Fair this round into the photograph.

Not pictured but also in their offerings is an amazing brow set for LeLutka.

Keep in mind that as with League’s other mesh head skin releases the HUD you receive has a myriad of really nice eyeshadow and lipgloss options as well as freckles! So believe me, you are getting a heck of a bargain so snap up everything in the League booth!

What I’m wearing:

Skintone Range Photo:
Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LeLutka, May
Hair – Truth, Caralisa
Bikini – CX, Slingshot Bikini (Available @ Hentai Fair)

Blog Photo:
Skin – League, Alessa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Eyeshadow – League, Alessa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Lipstick – League, Alessa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Hair – Stealthic, Ascension
Mesh Head – LeLutka, May
Body – Maitreya
Eyes – Conviction, Shion in Coffee
Top – Blueberry, Poppy Jacket

Vendetta for Skin Fair 2018



Vendetta is a skin brand I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever heard of, but they’ve brought a pretty great skin for this round of Skin Fair.

This skin is named Samuel and it comes in three tones.

The bodies on these skins are pretty darn yummy and the face is gosh darn handsome!

In the skintone range photo, you will see three tones, they are numbered 4, 5, 6 and have corresponding body appliers for that seamless look.

Pictured in Skintone Range photo:
Vendetta Samuel Skin
Belleza Jake Body
Catwa Daniel Head
Stealthic Like Lust Hair
Alex Underwear by Riot

In featured photo:
Skin – Vendetta, Samuel
Lashes – Izzie’s, Catwa Lashes Appliers (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Aged Face Marks – Izzie’s, Age Yourself for Catwa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair)
Body – Belleza Jake
Head – Catwa, Daniel
Hair – Stealthic, Like Lust
Jacket/Shirt – Lenox, Townsend (Available @ Uber)

Sking for Skin Fair 2018


Sking is a brand that a lot of people feel quite strongly about. Personally, I adore seeing what people do with these Avatars. The creator was nice enough to send this body out to the bloggers and I’m forever grateful.

The body does take a lot of tweaking with sliders, but once you get used to them it’s AMAZING to play with. I enjoy that all of the skins come with nipple-less versions as well.

I am in love with the muscular body on this skin. The attention to detail and tone, I’m in adoration of the amount of work this must have taken.

Body – Sking Brazilia Doll, Katena
Head – Catwa, Uma
Hair – Boon Lab, 050 Hair
Lipstick – Pink Fuel, Jacqueline Set
Skin – Sking, Ussula Cocoa (Available Soon @ Skin Fair 2018)
Bodysuit – Cubura, Skingsuit

Photo Taken @ The Bay