count me in

Well I say hey
Count me in
That’s all I wanted
Was to say

Body – Legacy
Head – LeLutka, River
Eyes – Heaux, Blaze
Skin – Insol, Molly
Various Body Enhancements – Izzie’s (It’s a VERY long list thanks to BOM)
Hair – Stealthic, Chiffon
Bra – Le Fil Casse, Annemarie Bra
Shorts – Le Fil Casse, Feria Shorts

Pose by Foxcity

small worlds.

I know I probably need to do better
Fuck whoever
Keep my shit together

Body – Legacy
Head – LeLutka, River
Eyes – Heaux, Bang
Skin – Insol, Molly
Hair – Doux, Rain
Makeup – Suicidal Unborn, Tremere
Tattoos – Lilithe, Kruonis and Porrima Sets
Collar – Suicidal Unborn, Kronium

Pose by Foxcity
Build by Anxiety


It takes up time to pretend
But I don’t know what I want to do
Where do we go at the end?
I still don’t know what I want to do

Body – Legacy
Head – LeLutka, River
Eyes – Heaux, Blaze
Skin – Insol, Molly
Hair – Stealthic, Cascade
Lingerie – Tetra, Luna

Pose by Luxe

i could give up.

……. and boost up my reputation
I could go out with a bang
They would know my name
They would host and post a celebration
My opinion will not be lenient
My opinion, it’s real convenient
Our words are loud, but now I’m talking action
We don’t get enough love?
Well, they get a fraction
They say, “How could he go if he’s got everything?”
I’ll mourn for a kid, but won’t cry for a king

Head – LeLutka, River
Body – Matireya
Hair – Stealthic, Plush
Skin – Insol, Molly
Makeup – Suicidal Unborn, Tremere
Top – Coco, Sheer Crop
Skirt – Valentina E, Discipline
Stockings – Luxuria, Spiderweb Thigh Highs
Shoes – Livalle, Greeble

Pose by Foxcity
Backdrop by Anxiety

little things.

Hot box in the car, getting dumb high
We be laughin’ in slow-mo-mo
All she really wants is fries and a mud pie
But the supermarket is closed, closed, closed
It’s old jokes, good times, when you come by
Something special, I know, know, know
One half of the time, it’s a gun fight
The other half, we’re takin’ off clothes, clothes, clothes

And there will come a time when we’re slowin’ down
We’ll hold onto memories, memories
‘Til then, let’s wreck shit and hold it down
I love when you’re tellin’ me, tellin’ me

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – LeLutka, River
Skin – Heaux, Jane (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Eyes – Heaux, Blaze
Eyebrows – Skinnery, Synergy
Hair – Doux, Rain
Necklaces – Kibitz, Jodi’s (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Top – Nanika, Helen (Available Now @ n21 Event)
Shorts – Nanika, Helen (Available Now @ n21 Event)

Bazar – Traveler-Butterfly frame
Fancy Decor – Luxe Console
Random Matter – Pretty Girl Nail Polish
Random Matter – Pretty Girl Makeup Bag