Power Play


Blueberry has a super fun new set out at the Mainstore called Power Play, it offers a variety of parts. Shirts, Skirts, Boots, Pants. I have chosen to highlight the Skirt version here with the top and boots.

In addition to this amazing new set from Blueberry, Stealthic has released this brand new hair which is out at the Mainstore.

Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Genus, Classic
Skin – Skinnery, Rain
Hair – Stealthic, Allure
Necklace – Kibitz, Wandie’s in Gold
Top – Blueberry, Power Play Tucked in Top
Skirt – Blueberry, Power Play Skirt and Belt
Boots – Blueberry, Power Play Thigh High

Pose by Luxe

Build: Stealthic x Toksik – 1. TOS Rapture Studio (RARE)

Stealthic Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rapture/80/140/106

Blueberry Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lenox%20and%20Blueberry/129/163/29

Late Nights / Early Mornings


Walton from Contraption is going to blow you all out of the water with his soon to come release.

I would tell you what event it’s going to be at, but honestly I don’t know. So, just go follow his Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/waltonwainwright/

I used the following items from this set:
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Filing Cabinet
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Desk
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Chair
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Inkwell Set
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Whisky Tumbler
[ContraptioN] Decor: Schemer’s Office Desk Lamp
(there are many more pieces in this set, but I did not use them all)

Other Decor:
Fancy Decor: Capsule Book Stack
+Half-Deer+ Sugarbyte Computer – Pink
.random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Laptop
Fancy Decor: Geode Bookends
-David Heather-Drug Phones
Bazar Torronto-slippers
PILOT – Hustle. Frame
Fancy Decor: Merlot Wine Glass

Piggu, June


Piggu is a brand that I’ve seen around SL quite a a bit. Unfortunately it’s usually the male body that they offer and someone is wearing it to be silly and make fun of it.

It took me quite some time to take the plunge on buying one but after joining the Discord for Piggu for a bit and seeing how kind and positive everyone was, I decided to finally make the purchase.

I genuinely love how chubby this body and how realistic it is. I do wish there were more features. But I’m not stupid and I realize that it IS a niche item and not everyone has the same expectations out of a mesh body as I do. This body is VERY well made. I really hope the creator keeps this body updated and current and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Few things to note before purchasing.

– Omega is NOT offered for Piggu (at least for this current version, I’m not sure what the creator has in store for the future)

– You will have a rough time finding clothes that fit, however they DO offer an alpha hud which helps some

– Time to start digging out those unrigged hairs, as the head does not offer an option for alpha-ing parts currently

– Makeups for this head are severely lacking, I am hoping with the soon to be released version this will be updated, but for now I made due with some mesh cosmetics I had in my inventory

– You can use your own mesh eyes with this head. I’ve opted for my Catwa mesh eyes

– There’s really no skins on the market for this body. So either you are pale, or the tan skin they sell separately. Or a furry.

I’m going to add more as I go so keep your eyes on the description box.

What I’m wearing:

Body – Piggu, June 1.01
Head – Piggu, June 1.01
Eyeliner – Action, Mesh Eyeliner 1
Freckles – Izzie’s, Mesh Freckles
Lipstick, Kaleido, June Lippy Palette 1
Lashes – CB, Sass Lashes (Specifically for Piggu June)
Hair – Magika, Fool for Love
Bikini – Piggu, June’s Bikini
Socks – Piggu Outlet, June’s Stockings


Breakfast Pope.

Breakfast Pope.


There were legends, of a religion based entirely upon breakfast. The leader was a firey ginger who ruled with the strength of burnt toast.

“I can do all things through eggs which strengthen me.” -Breakfast, 4:13


“I’m doing me, and I do it well ”

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYo5SGdU-I8

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Genus, Classic
Skin – Skinnery, Ava
Eyeliner – exe. Cute, winged liner
Hair – Stealthic, Plush
Hat – Spunky Bunny, Fried Egg Hat
Bacon – Hollie Pocket, Morning Buffet

SEMPITERNAL [The Coronation] Skybox



Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2zpVrjU_J0

Be my mind
Don’t like to think for myself
Follow the diamond
Be my soul
Look in to these eyes
I know ’em before
Be my light
Sunrise laughin cuz we stayed up all night
Be my mind
Only with other treasures we can grab oh
Be my lake
Summer sail down the strawberry milkshake
Be my pride
Stay under my skin
Don’t let me take what is not mine
Be my house
Strong and sturdy
Far from town oh
Be my home
Just think of all the places we’ll go
Be my blood
Why shoot…

Head – Genus, Classic
Skin – Skinnery, Ava
Hair – Ade, Awake
Top – Blueberry, Can’t Relate



I genuinely love my Linden home and I’m so incredibly thankful that LL decided to launch these. I do wish they’d add more though so everyone could join in on the fun of choosing and decorating one. I’ve actually chosen to go nuts decorating mine for Halloween. If you want to explore it, I’m on the Washburn SIM! I’d love to have you over for some candy and maybe a tarot reading!

On Me:
Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Genus, Classic
Skin – Skinnery, Rain
Hair – Stealthic, Sultry
Top/Sweater – Blueberry, Can’t Relate Cardigan w/ Top
Jeans – Blueberry, Melanie
Boots – Vale Koer, RainyDay

Gingerfish, Bedeviled 2

Kalopsia – Flying leaves – Dream
NOMAD // Scattered Leaves A // Yellow Reds
{C&C} Online Indicator Sign V.1
{vespertine}illuminated pumpkin – tall /jack orange
{vespertine}illuminated pumpkin – wide /jack orange
{vespertine}illuminated pumpkin – wide /jack orange
dust bunny . round end table
A.D.D. Andel! Heart Pallet-Painted-With Lights-Orange

Build/House: Linden Homes Traditional, Continental